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recensio ante probationem  
--   primus gradus, pars a
first page of  two page review 
Use "Tab" to go from one answer box to the next.  Your answers will be checked as you move to the next box:  dashes (=) show incorrect letters.  Click button at bottom of page to fill in all the correct answers or clear answers and start over

A. Write the "he/she/it" statement form of the verb. Don't try to include any long marks.
       exemplï grätiä: ambulä (you write:) __ambulat__
1. surge ______5. dïc ________9. clämä
2. indicä ____ 6. tacë _______ 10. sterte
3. dëlë _______ 7. aperï _____ 11. bibe
4. scrïbe ____ 8. sedë ______ 12. dormï

B. Vocabulary. Write the singular command form of the verb. Tell what conjugation it belongs to (1, 2, 3, 4, or irr {for "irregular}). Long marks: Use a capital E for a long e; otherwise don't try to mark long vowels.
      exemplï grätiä:   walk __ambula __ 1 ____
1. sleep               6. shout    
2. work             7. snore     
3. jump                 8. go out, leave    
4. sit                     9. enter    
5. drink                10. look around   

C. Questions. Complete the question so that it make sense with the answer. ( Q = quaesïtum; R = responsum)
1. Q: est Grumiö? R: coquus.
2. Q: Grumiö? R: dormit.
3. Q: est Grumiö? R: in culïnä.

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