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D. Complete the definition of each English word (in English!) according to the Latin origin of the word being defined, then give the Latin origin (nominative singular of nouns, singular command form of verbs).
    exemplï grätiä: The canine teeth resemble the teeth of a "dog". (Latin _canis_)
1. Someone who attacks by "jumping at" you is an asnt. (Lat. )
2. To proclaim is to " forth". (pro = forward, forth) (Lat. )
3. Someone who strays from the expected "r" in his/her behavior deviates from the norm. (Latin )
4. One who is bibulous tends to "" a lot (especially alcohol). (Latin )
5. One who is prudent or cautious, that is, one who tends to " " before acting can be described as circumspect. (Latin )
6. A sedentary job involves a lot of "ing". (Latin )
7. A place for a scientist to "work" is a tory. (Latin )
8. To imbibe is to "   in".
9. Filial obligations are the obligations of a s or d. (Latin or )
10. Pertaining to mothers: al. (Latin )
11. A servile attitude is a -like attitude. (Latin )

E. Nouns (forms, meaning). Long marks: mark only long a -- use a capital A.
Give these forms: nöminätïvö, ablatïvö = Anglicë
1. = son __
2. , coquö =
3. via, = w; r
4. , cane =
5. , = study (the room)
6. servus, =
7. , cibo =
8. soror, =

F. Roman life.
1. How many names did a slave have? (enter a numeral)
2. Which room in a Roman house had a skylight?
3. What was the name for the colonnade surrounding the garden area (the Latin word)?
4. What does "cave canem" mean? . (don't forget to capitalize)
5. Two rooms that modern apartments usually have which ancient Roman apartments generally lacked:
             k, b

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