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Primus gradus
pars a:


exercitium 1:de familia et de derivatis


reviewpage 1page 2

**†† gradus 1 a partial review **

Gilbo, chapter 1 (another story to read in Latin)†† (itís a powerpoint)
pars b:

pars b numeri  


a powerpoint about the days of the week in Latin


"dies hebdomadis" et "in schola Latina"


a powerpoint to review days of week and vocabulary we use in class


**†† gradus 1, ex. 3:vocatives and commands (Do it!) **


pars c: 

For our computer lab day Dec. 20, do these 4 exercises:


gr.1c ex. 1:vocabulary and derivatives


††† casus nominativus, pluraliter

†† plural sentences

††† Quid agit?This one wonít send me an e-mail; call me to your computer when youíre done so I can record your work


Remember, the quiz is tomorrow!Print out your results from the 4 exercises above.If you canít finish during the class,

be sure to get a written new due date from me.(Students who are not using the lab time well will not get a new due date)



the "they" form of verbs †††††gr1c verb review†† (includes commands and singular statements)


more review:  Just do it!


Some of the clip art in these exercises comes from