gr. 11, ex. 2: a stage 11 vocabulary story

Complete each sentence with the the word from the list that makes the most sense. Don't change the word forms; use them as they are. Long marks: Don't try to mark long vowels. This exercise does not ask for your name; just submit the results it gives you.
   caudices      conveniebat      legit      liberalis      noster      pistores      placebant      promisit      rapuit      secundus      Senator      stultus      titulum      verberaverunt   
pistrina = bakery; Lucii et Gaii = of Lucius and Gaius; panis = bread; iacere = throw; percutere = to hit; senatoris = the senator’s ; of the senator

Olim, Quintus ad pistrinam Lucii et Gaii iit. Lucius et Gaius erant fratres et . Magna turba prope pistrinam . In muro Quintus legit, “BALBUM IIVIRUM PISTORES O.V.F.” (“The bakers ask that you make Balbus duovir.”) Pistores clamabant, “Balbus est candidatus . Gens nostra Balbo favet.” Fratres omnibus civibus panem dabant. “Balbus est vir ,” dixit primus pistor. “Omnibus fautoribus panem ,” dixit pistor. “Euge! Mihi placet panis!” exclamavit civis. ad pistrinam venit. Postquam titulum in muro , pistoribus dixit, “Vos omnes estis ! Balbus est vir . Ego Afro faveo.” Agricola panem et iecit*. Senatorem percussit*! Liberti senatoris agricolam . Quintus e pistrina exiit et tacite abiit quod pugnae ei non .