Secundus gradus

pars a: 

         ex. 1   de copia verborum  (vocabulary)  

          ex. 2   accusative forms     
        2a recensio (review):  using the correct noun form in sentences
        2a recensio:  the vocabulary list forms of familiar words  


          2a exercitium 5:  more vocabulary  

         2a exercitium 6:  sententiae et quaestiones 


Cibus:  January 16 (last day of Quarter 2) – do these three exercises; print out the second and third when you get 80% or better.

       a few computer “flash cards”   

       cibus –vocab     food vocabulary, vocab list forms, and a few derivatives

       cibus -formulae  singular/plural forms, and forms in sentences


       Some online articles about ancient Roman food and eating customs:  Nice photos embedded right in the text.   Some ancient Roman recipes translated into the kind of recipe moderns expect.  Garum (fish sauce) was an important condiment in ancient Rome.





pars b:

        2b, ex. 1   vocab, “in triclinio        (recognition/meaning, not vocab list forms)

        2b, ex. 2:  de copia verborum (ab Anglica ad linguam Latinam)  (vocab list forms)

        2b, ex. 3:  numeri

        2b, ex. 4:  quaesita                         

        2b, ex. 5:  vocabulary in sentences  

        2b, ex. 6:  derivatives              


            2b recensiopart 1 (Latin numbers & Roman numerals; vocabulary)   

          2b, ex. 3  the creation of the world according to the ancient Greeks (crossword)

            Try another teacher’s Greek creation quiz   


pars c: 
         2c, ex. 1:  membra corporis (vocab list forms)     

          2c, ex. 3:  casus accusativus, pluraliter (acc. pl. forms)

         2c, ex. 4:  omnia pluraliter  (nominative & acc. plurals; 3rd person pl. of verbs)

          2c, ex. 5:  word forms in sentences   



pars d:

        2d, ex. 1  Don't do it (negative commands)

            a powerpoint review of most of the topics for the pars d probatio  (you’ll probably have to download the powerpoint, then open it)

        2d, ex. 2 vocabulary list forms    

                 ex. 3.   derivatives and dicta Latina
                 ex. 5  narratio "amicae Eliae" (vocabulary / reading comprehension)
             ex. 6  quaesita de narratione (questions to answer in Latin )



The official Cambridge Latin Course site – Stage 2 – has lots of links to pages about Roman daily life, food, and clothing.


unswept floor mosaic

mosaic from triclinium floor