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Quintus gradus

dies Lunae

dies Martis

dies Mercurii

dies Iovis

dies Veneris


In penso: A (de theatro Pompeiis)

21 in conclave computatrali

in computatro: gr. 5a: ex. 1:  the "they" form of verbs


gr. 5a:  nominative plurals

22 mecum

Incipere quintum gradum

imagines quinti gradus (plurals)

23  Magistra aberat

p. 2 & 3 in penso

24  added p. 8 & 9 to pensum (in diem Lunae)


imprimenda:  p8&9


narratio “actores” et probatiuncula

28 in penso:  G,H,I  (we haven’t gone over derivatives yet but I bet you can figure them out – work together)

in computatro:

gr5a – review from gr. 1c  nominative plurals


gr.1c plural sentences

29 narratio, “Poppaea”


vocab/ derivatives


marker game (vocabulary)


probatio (5a partial)

nominative singular & plural


nullae sessiones

3 Nov.   dies laborandi

gr5a recensio page (add to your pensum)


went over recensio


2  exercitia apud Schoology.com

6 dies laborandi

K, L, M, N in penso.  Nolite partem O scribere.

7  probatio 5a

nominative plurals; “they” form of verbs (this is review from last year)


Pompeiian theater

stories/ reading  Be ready to put words back into a story where they make sense and to answer (Latine)  Latin questions about a story

Pensum tradendum, including all computer ex. assigned so far for gr. 5a (look at this calendar)

10 Nov

narratio, “Argus Horatiam servat”;


11 dies laborandi

in novo penso A, B, C

in computatro:

gr. 5b, ex. 1:  narratio


brevis narratio

13 dies laborandi

in penso D, E

in computatro

gr 5b quaesita     

14 mecum


fiinished derivs 

17 dies laborandi

in penso: F (pag. 5); recensio A, B, C, D


Show ‘n’ Tell;

recensuimus pensum

19 in conclavi computatrali


21  probatio 5b

Reading/comprehension – “Argus Horatiam servat” and the second untitled story -  put words back in the blanks; Latin Q& A


Mythology  Matching &/or short answer.









pars a:

Another teacher’s Quizlet flash cards for gradus 5A

gr. 5a: ex. 1:  the "they" form of verbs
gr. 5a:  nominative plurals

gr. 5a, ex. 2:  de copia verborum (I)


gr5a – review from gr. 1c  nominative plurals (just forms!)      gr.1c plural sentences

pars b: 

vocabulary 1, 2, 3, 4 (questions),

gr. 5b, ex. 1:  narratio  a story to put words back into

gr. 5b, ex. 2: vocab list forms  

gr. 5b, ex. 3:  de copia verborum (I)


gr 5b quaesita