Nonus gradus


dies Lunae

dies Martis

dies Mercurii

dies Iovis

dies Veneris

April 20


carmen:  tempus est iocundum

21 dies laborandi

in penso:  A de bello Troiano 

22  mecum

imprimenda:  A

gr. 9 imagines


de casu dativo (in libello, paginae 2-5) 

23  dies laborandi

in penso: B (imagines)



24  imprimenda: B


narratio: thermae

started derivatives  



27   dies laborandi

in penso:  C & D

in computatro:

28 cum Magistra


de casu dativo

(cum dulcibus)


in penso:  E , F, G

29  in conclavi computatrali

 exercitatio 1:  Dative forms (I)

exercitatio 3:  Dative forms in sentences

30  dies laborandi


in penso:  E , F, G

1o die mense Maia



4   mecum


E , F, G

narratio, “in palaestra”

et probatiuncula

5 dies laborandi








recensio ante probationem;

casus dativus cum socio




8 Probatio


casus dativus (and the other cases you’ve learned):  choose Latin words to complete a sentence (recognition)

vocab/comprehension:  put words back into a story you have or haven’t seen before; choose word that completes the sentence logically & grammatically


quaesita: answer Latin questions Latine about a story




















Nullae sessiones




“in apodyterio 




In conclave computatrali.


Optional review item:

Brevis recensio ante secundam probationem


Did you do and print out ex. 2, 4, and 5 (see links below this calendar)? And staple them to your pensum?


Did you finish the pensum?  Due tomorrow.




28 secunda probatio noni gradus?

A.  Casus dativus:  forms and in sentences — items from the computer exercises; “choose the forms that correctly translate the sentence”;  identifying parts of English & / or Latin sentences (subject, direct object, indirect object); circle the Latin word forms that correctly translate the English sentence.


B.  Culture topic:  the baths.   Short answer &/or matching.  Re-read the article in your libellus.


C.  Dicta Latina.    Be prepared to translate them (fairly literally) or put back missing words (given a list to choose from)





exercitatio 1:  Dative forms (I)


exercitatio 2:  Dative forms (II)


exercitatio 3:  Dative forms in sentences


exercitatio 4:  "Donum" -- a vocabulary story

exercitatio 5:  plures sententiae


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