Why study Latin ? †† See what others say...


Video links


††††††† Ralston the Language Guru tells you his reasons for learning Latin


††††††† A TEDx talk(Luke Henderson) (sound quality gets better after a minute or two)


††††††† Different characters give their take on why you should study Latin



††††††† More reasons to take Latin (from LivelyLatin.com)



††††††† Why Latin and Greek word roots are worth knowing (clip from a movie)

†††††† Did you know that W. E. B. DuBois studied Latin?


††††††† Another teacherís video about why you should take Latin††

††††††† (Sorry, that gladiator project is for her students... but if you really want to do a gladiator project,

††††††† pitch me your idea when you are a Latin student at South)


††††††† A rap in Latin from Germany.Just for fun.No, they are not trying to be serious!



A few articles from around the country and around the world


†††††† The Latin advantage    (scroll down in the article and read about Latin for elementary students)    

†††††† The benefits of learning Latin


†††††† Latin students and SAT scores†† (pdf)††


†††††† Is Latin valuable for todayís students? 


†††††† The value of Latin and the GRE


†††††† Literacy Through Latin project in Glasgow†††††††


†††††† How Latin gets colleges to take notice of you!†††††††


Studying Latin is ideal training for running a business?



(Apologies for any dead links; on-line newspaper articles do go away after a while.)